Cholesterol: a made-up disease, according to Dr. de Lorgeril


Cholesterol is not the primary cause of cardiovascular disease. And its demonization is just an invention of the pharmaceutical industry to sell statins. The disruptive thesis is Michel de Lorgeril, a French cardiologist and researcher at CNRS, “Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique,” the largest public research organization in France.

Cholesterol, Dr. de Lorgeril’s thesis.

In his latest book, Cholesterol: Lies and Propaganda, Dr. de Lorgeril reviews scientific studies that, especially since 2005, have disproved both the role of cholesterol and the protective effect of anti-cholesterol drugs in cardiac mortality.

Instead of taking statins and “anti-cholesterol” margarines, the doctor urges improving lifestyle, which he believes is the decisive factor in the onset of cardiovascular disease.

A few simple rules. Do not smoke, get adequate exercise and take care of your diet, adopting the Mediterranean diet, which is clinically proven to be effective. Unrefined grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, olive oil and herbs. Not forgetting dairy products.