Eataly, allergens flurry


Eataly electrocutes sensitive consumers with allergen blasts, against all rules. Brief report from Genoa.

Allergens, a food safety issue

The health of

allergic consumers

– right of constitutional rank – must be guaranteed, within their respective competencies, by all operators

of the food chain.

Higher-ranking regulations than the Italian Constitution impose an absolute duty on operators responsible for consumer information to provide accurate information regarding the presence of allergenic ingredients in each of the food products being sold and/or served. (1)

Food lacking specific and relevant news in relation to the above qualifies as a food safety risk product. Therefore, it must come under the corrective actions established by the General Food Law in a timely manner. (2)

The indication ‘

may contain traces

, for that matter, must meet equally scrupulous criteria. On penalty of appropriate administrative sanctions and penalties. (3)

Eataly, allergens flurry

Eataly’spre-wrappedfoods , as per the enclosed pictures, shoot a barrage of allergens on the label that neither meets any rule nor fulfills any informational function.

Gluten and nuts

categories not even provided for in the Food Information Regulation

– They redound everywhere. (4) Together with milk, eggs, celery, sesame seeds and their derivatives. Even in the sirloin and ground beef produced by

La Granda

and pre-wrapped by Eataly Distribuzione S.r.l. (!)

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Neither the

nor the


or other Regulatory Authorities have yet intervened. In a public health hazard situation that has clearly persisted for years. (5)

A very bad figure for the

Made in Italy

and for the entire supply chain, including public and private controllers. To the detriment, as always, of the weakest, those with food allergies, who have to give up so many delicacies because of the mismanagement of self-monitoring In the distribution rooms.


Dario Dongo


(1) See reg. EU 1169/11. European regulations, according to constant jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court, have a superordinate role to Italian constitutional norms, in the hierarchy of sources of law

(2) See reg. EC 178/02, Articles 14 and 19

(3) For more details, see the free ebook ‘1169 Penalties. Reg. EU 1169/11, food news, controls and penalties

(4) See Annex II to EU Regulation 1169/11.

(5) It is indeed unlikely that the preincarceration labels now completely outlawed were previously compliant