Food allergies, how to prevent them


Food allergies, how to prevent them in pregnancy and weaning

Food allergies, how to prevent them? Here are tips to observe in pregnancy and in the early months of an infant’s life, provided by the Veneto Region Specialization Center for the Study and Treatment of Food Allergies and Intolerances.

The experts’ recommendations should be considered with special attention by pregnant women from families that include allergic individuals. In fact, prevention is the only weapon available to try to reduce the risk that the unborn child may in turn develop a form of allergy.

The mother-to-be is advised to

Do not smoke during pregnancy (both mom and those around her),

breastfeed the infant for 4 months, if possible, and postpone the introduction of formula or solid foods until the baby reaches 4-6 months of age,

Introduce foods one at a time and in small doses, waiting 2-3 days before introducing another.