Foods for patients with nephropathy


Chronic renal failure is an irreversible degenerative disease: the kidney progressively loses its ability to purify, leading to the need for dialysis and transplantation. It is now proven that a hypoprotein diet is critical in slowing the progression of this disease.

Patients with nephropathy should minimize protein consumption, favoring noble proteins of animal origin, and follow a diet low in sodium and phosphorus. All of these substances are difficult for diseased kidneys to filter out. This also helps to avoid the typical complications of the disease. Adequate nutrition is also the key to restoring and ensuring a satisfactory nutritional status.

Low-protein foods make it possible to lower the intake of harmful proteins in favor of those derived from animal products. These foods help to easily achieve a complete and varied diet because they are need-friendly, tasty and practical. Hypoprotein foods are actually a vital therapy for people with this type of nephropathy, allowing patients a quality of life comparable to before diagnosis.