Foodspring, paleo – bars and outlaw labels


After protein bars with lower than stated protein contents and those with refined ‘natural ingredients’ (1,2), the time has come for Foodspring-branded outlaw bars and other labels, also available in ‘paleo,’ vegan and organic versions.

German brand, unknown origin, labels lacking Italian language information, nightmarish allergens, declared risk of physical contamination from fragments of nutshells. Why so much hatred, toward consumer rights?

Our investigation of 8 references purchased in a Milan pharmacy and a glance at the website motivate a report of the case, by GIFT(Great Italian Food Trade), to the relevant authorities.

Foodspring, paleo – bin bars

Foodspring ‘s ‘paleo’ bars proclaim themselves ‘raw,’ meaning ‘raw,’ vegan and gluten-free. They are certified ‘organic,’ by a German body that evidently overlooks the grotesque illegality. And they boast in the brand, as well as other labels, the ambitious generic health claimfinest fitness food‘. Literally ‘the best food for exercise,’ which in turn also qualifies as an outlawed comparative nutrition claim. (3)

Human nutrition in the ancient stone age-the Paleolithic period precisely, from 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago, before the introduction of agriculture-was indeed based on raw foods, such as wild animal meats, fish, fruits vegetables and wild, unprocessed tubers (4,5). Far different from Foodspring‘s ‘paleo‘ bars, which are made by modern-age industrial processes (e.g., concentrated fruit juice, fruit powder). (6)

Foodspring, paleo – labels

Foodspring ‘s paleo-labels highlight three serious critical issues:

– the eight products examined are completely devoid of information in the Italian language, in blatant violation of the rules set forth in the Food Information Regulation (EU reg. 1169/11, Article 15) and its implementing decree (Legislative Decree 231/17, Article 22.1), (7)

– allergenic ingredients are referred to in the most generic and illegal way on the website as ‘may contain traces of egg, gluten, sesame, peanut and other nuts‘ (8,9,10). Which cereals with gluten, which nuts? What levels of ‘traces‘? (11)

– possible physical contamination of food is confessed a priori, on the label and on the website. ‘Despite meticulous checks, hard parts of fresh fruit, dried fruit, etc. may be present.’

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The critical issues in question, it is stressed, have health significance. Consumers-and particularly those with food allergies-are therefore exposed to health risks associated with the consumption of the relevant products (12,13).

Responsibilities of distributors

Pharmacies and para-pharmacies, specialty stores, public establishments and sports facilities are responsible, it is recalled, for ensuring full compliance with the regulations applicable to food products (14,15). And their responsibility is all the more serious since the violations of the law are caught at first glance-the labels are in foreign languages.

The evidence of legal violations and their health significance postulate the activation of seizures and the application of sanctions by the relevant health authorities as well. Having verified the logistics and distribution list of products, this should then be done. Without neglecting the ecommerce channel. (16)

Foods for athletes, the necessary controls

Sports nutrition suffers from the deregulation introduced by reg (EU) no. 609/13. The relevant products-as well as ‘gluten-free’ products-have thus been ‘downgraded’ from ‘foods forspecial dietaryuse‘ to ‘foods for everyday use. And the obligations of:

– Authorization of production establishments by the relevant health authorities, (17)

– Prior notification of label layouts to the central health administration. (18)

Thus, deregulation, motivated by hypothetical ‘competitiveness’ needs of companies established in the EU, has removed from systematic and preventive controls two categories of food whose market continues to grow. And the risk of fraud is high, partly because these are high value-added goods. Therefore, authorities and distributors are urged to take urgent action to restore the lost legality.

For more information on labels to apply and control, please refer to our ebook1169 penis. Reg. EU 1169/11. Food news, inspections and penalties‘.

Dario Dongo


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