Glyphosate, European Chemical Agency Echa report overlooks the falsity of data produced by Monsanto. Corporation now on trial in U.S.


Glyphosate, Echa report gives green light. But in the U.S., Monsanto is accused of falsifying data provided on the relationship between glyphosate and cancer.

Glyphosate, the quintessential agrotoxic, endocrine disruptor and carcinogen according to IARC, (1) appears almost harmless in the recent report by Echa, (2) the European Chemical Agency. Which, however, overlooks the falsity of the data produced by Monsanto, now on trial in the US.

On glyphosate we have written enough, (3) as well devoting to it the central chapter of our ebook ‘GMO the Great Scam. The most widely used pesticide globally was devised by Monsanto, the Corporation to whom Agent Orange, saccharin and aspartame are also owed. So deadly that it destroys all life outside of just those plants genetically modified to resist it, and little else.

The special rapporteur to the UN on the right to food
has just submitted a report to the Human Rights Council highlighting the serious dangers associated with the use of agrotoxics in agriculture. Incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s (4) and Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as cancers, endocrine disruptions, and infertility. Before that, fetal malformations and developmental pathologies.

The European Chemical Agency
has instead limited itself to considering studies carried out by the manufacturing industries themselves. And an earlier report by the German Risk Assessment Authority, which hasalready been the subject of lively controversy for overlooking major international scientific studies. (5)


Monsanto is, however, on trial
before a U.S. federal court. For concealing evidence, on the risks of neoplasms linked to glyphosate, and illegally interfering with the work of the IARC. (6) In collusion with a senior EPA official,
Environment Protection Agency
. Exemplary statement by the chief toxicologist of the
, ‘
in the 35 years that Roundup (glyphosate, ed.) has been on the market, we have never conducted cancer studies because they were not required by the EPA
‘. Exactly. It had already emerged, after all, the covert funding of academic studies, manipulated to counter others that highlighted the dangers of

Out of our fields, out of our food! The most concrete response we as consumAtors can make to this scandal is to demand a ban on glyphosate in the various regions of Italy. And prioritize the ‘bio‘, which sees Italy ranks second in Europe-after Spain-in terms of the size of its crops (1.49 million hectares) and number of producers (over 52 thousand, +15%).

Dario Dongo


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