Healthy nutrition, wellness recipe


A healthy diet is the basis for optimal health. Nutrition experts and nutrition education campaigns reiterate this, and point to a few simple rules to follow at the dinner table. At the average level, defined as 2,000 kcal as the daily energy requirement of a healthy individual, it is good to consume 60 g of protein (12 percent of total caloric intake), 280 g of carbohydrates (56 percent), a maximum of 20 g of alcohol, which corresponds to 200 ml of wine (7 percent) and 55.5 g of fat.

In the breakdown of the fat portion, which in total should account for 25 percent of the kcalories consumed in the day, the origin should be vegetable for 39 g (extra virgin olive oil is perfect), animal for 15 and fish for one gram (oily fish, a source of omega 3, is excellent).

Controlling the quantity and quality of food, that is, following a healthy diet as much as possible, and engaging in adequate physical activity have proven to be outstanding tools for preventing noncommunicable diseases, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.