Help, Consumers! Online crowdfunding campaign to fund useful information for citizens


From the world of free information comes an appeal, a call for support and an invitation that we are happy to share. To join an original and special family, that of Help Consumers. (1) A transparent, free, independent news agency close to the rights of citizens and consumers.

Help, Consumers!

Help Consumers is an online news agency that has been covering consumption and rights for 15 years, always on the side of citizens. In a complicated country where all too often we slalom between inconveniences and inefficiencies, bureaucratic problems and unfriendly institutions, opaque companies and daily inconveniences. To the point of composing an endless list of cahier de doléances that precisely because of notoriety sometimes find resolution.

Consumedia, a cooperative of independent journalists specializing in consumer information is the publisher of this truly unique news agency. The first in Italy to devote itself to the topics of consumption, consumerism and consumers. Independent, as small as it is fierce, charged with enthusiasm, extraordinarily timely in breaking news.

The agency covers food and consumer affairs, health and technology, money and the environment, travel and privacy, economics and Europe. It looks at Italy and what is happening on the European continent, where most of the rights as well as trends in the contemporary world are being played out. With one compass, consumer protection and citizen rights. Without having qualms in denouncing rights injuries and careless laws in a transparent manner.

The crowdfunding campaign

Funds are needed. Help Consumers does not receive public funding, nor does it welcome advertisements from ‘easy money’ such as gambling and other ambiguous promotions. Its female journalists (including the writer, who has been on the editorial staff for years) are on the front lines often with their own means and resources. And they invested passion and expertise to revamp the website, adding content and headings. With ambitions to grow with new services, new initiatives and specialized newsletters.

The crowdfunding campaign-on the Productions from Below platform (2)-aspires to raise the funds that will be used for all present and future activities. The appeal is addressed to our readers, our supporters, and why not, even those who sometimes criticize us. After 15 years of working alongside everyone, Help is in turn asking for help to continue to offer increasingly complete, timely, effective and free information.

Sabrina Bergamini


(1) Consumer Help is online here:

(2) The link to the Help, Consumers! fundraising campaign:


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