Milk also an ideal food in the adult diet


Milk is also an ideal food in the adult diet. This was reiterated by CRA-NUT, ‘Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture’ at the conference ‘Milk today: from research to the consumer,’ held in Rome on Dec. 4, 2013.

The benefits of daily consumption of adequate amounts of milk, as part of a balanced diet, are numerous. According to the scientific literature, it is a protective factor against osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In the long run, it also helps maintain body weight: those who eat dairy products regularly gain half as much weight as those who avoid them.

The recent 14-year French MONICA study found that a diet of fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products significantly reduced premature mortality.

Useful muscle support for the elderly, milk-a favored source of calcium-brings well-being to athletes as well. “Milk, in addition to rehydrating the body and restoring its energy reserves, allows it to restore damaged muscle proteins,” explains Andrea Ghiselli, a CRA researcher and promoter of the meeting.

Italian healthy eating guidelines recommend 3 daily servings of milk and yogurt, equal to 250-375 grams total.