Nutrition for athletes


Nutrition for athletes and non-professional athletes

Nutrition for athletes and sportspeople varies according to the sport practiced and individual needs. One rule unites everyone, however. The meal before the competition must provide the necessary energy but also be easily digestible. And it should be consumed three to four hours before exertion to avoid reduced blood flow to the muscles.

The pre-performance menu should include a pasta dish, which can be replaced with rice or boiled potatoes, a portion of meat possibly grilled and without other added fats, and a salad with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. To end on a sweet note, a couple of slices of toast with jam or honey and a good amount of ripe fruit are perfect.

As performance approaches one must arrive well hydrated and taking in simple sugars to have the energy requirements available to use immediately. A well-balanced supplement, a mixture of water and sugar, or natural fruit juices are the water supply to be taken at the rate of one glass every hour until 30 to 40 minutes after the start of the athletic test.

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