Nutrition guidelines, improving nutrition with nutrition education


Nutritional guidelines are a valuable aid in following a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Styled in Italy by Inran, the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, they are the essential benchmark of nutrition education.

Researchers in the guidelines note that the relationship between good health and the habits of the Italian tradition, based on a Mediterranean diet and adequate physical activity, is unchanged. And to recover its positive effects in the present day, they list some food for thought. To control weight, excess of which causes disease, they warn against thoughtless diets, and suggest simply increasing energy consumption and reducing intake, preferring low-calorie foods that satiate, such as fruits and vegetables, which are also rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. And to remember the importance of legumes, a source of protein and fiber, and grains, bread and pasta, preferably whole grain.

The full guidelines can be viewed free of charge on the Web.