Pasta origin, silence on spelt and kamut


Pasta origin. In a few weeks, new labels will report the origin of durum wheat. Nothing is provided, however, for spelt, kamut, buckwheat and various gluten free pasta

The indication of the origin of wheat to produce pasta will be visible on the label in a few weeks, as stipulated in the ‘pasta origin decree’. This information is due only for Italian pasta made from durum wheat semolina. Nothing will then be reported for other types of pasta.

Pasta without wheat origin

The July 26, 2017 decree on ‘indication of the origin, on the label, of durum wheat for durum wheat semolina pasta’ applies to ‘durum wheat pasta food referred to in Presidential Decree No. 187 of February 9, 2001, with the exception of pasta referred to in Articles 9 and 12 of the aforementioned Presidential Decree No. 187 of February 9, 2001’ (Decree July 26, 2017, Article 1, Scope, Paragraph 1).

Pastas excluded from the requirement to indicate the origin of wheat and semolina on the label are therefore:

Fresh and stabilized food pastes (Presidential Decree 187/2001, Article 9),

pasta food ‘intended for export’ (Presidential Decree 187/2001, Article 12),

Pastas made from grains other than durum wheat (Triticum durum). Such as spelt(Triticum monococcum, Triticum dicoccum, Triticum spelta) khorasan wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. Turanicum, known as ‘kamut’), buckwheat (used in Valtellina’s PGI pizzoccheri, pictured above), rice, and corn (used in gluten-free pastas). That is, pastas made from legumes (such as Pedon Group’s innovative lentil pasta).

‘Durum wheat semolina pasta’ and ‘durum wheat semolina pasta’ are products obtained by the drawing, rolling and subsequent drying of doughs prepared respectively and exclusively:

(a) with durum wheat semolina and water;

(b) with durum wheat semolina and water’ (Presidential Decree 187/2001, Article 6.1)

Organic durum wheat pasta, on the other hand, cannot be understood to be excluded from the scope of the so-called ‘pasta origin decree’. Nor can one assume a summary of the indications of origin respectively prescribed by reg. EC 834/07 (2) and Decree 26.7.17, as the two regulations have different application criteria.

Dario Dongo


(1) Presidential Decree 187/2001, Regulations for the Revision of the Regulations on the Production and Marketing of Flour and Pasta Foods

(2) See reg. EC 834/07, Article 24. The origin of the ‘organic’ product is expected to be labelled ‘EU Agriculture’ and/or non-EU. With the possibility of specifying the country of cultivation of the agricultural raw material