Referendum against pesticides in Prosecco


The citizens of Conegliano

, the historical home of Prosecco

, they demand an end to pesticides on their lands. By special referendum.

Prosecco yes, but without poisoning

The surge in the production of made-in-Italy bubbles has disproportionately increased the use of agrotoxics. A group of Conegliano citizens therefore decided to take action, to protect the environment and the health of the community .

The committee ‘

Conegliano Without Pesticides


, duly constituted before a notary public, collected 2,552 subscriptions in less than two months. Providing for their formal filing, to Mayor Fabio Chies, on 10/25/18.

The referendum question proposes to ban the use of pesticides (or agrotoxics) on municipal land. Promoting the use of non-harmful substances, such as those provided in organic and biodynamic farming. The road ahead is marked out.

The Conegliano City Council

must now decide whether to amend the

the Intermunicipal Rural Police Regulations of the City of Conegliano to

follow up on the question signed by citizens, which reads as follows.

‘The Municipality of Conegliano promotes in the municipal area the use of plant protection products


allowed in the practices of

organic farming

and/or biodynamics, undertakes to indicate the measures to


of said use and

PROHIBITS the use of toxic substances

, of synthetic products and chemical herbicides harmful to health and the environment and in any case

of all synthetic chemical pesticides

Within municipal boundaries’.

It’s raining agrotoxics in

The ‘
is clouded by agrotoxics. Hazardous substances are being sprayed without restraint, even outside the scheduled times, even close to schools. This is the complaint of the ‘Conegliano Without Pesticides’ committee.

Veneto is the Italian region with the highest levels of pesticide consumption (nearly 12 kilograms per hectare, compared to an Italian average of 5 kilograms), strong environmental impacts, water pollution, population health problems (farmers first and foremost), loss of biodiversity

‘ (

, Federbio).

The oases of organic prosecco production. are happy islands, still too small, however, to counter the pollution caused by conventional agriculture that dominates the vineyards on the land. Federbio itself reports to hundreds of complaints, in the Conegliano area. Use of unauthorized pesticides, at unauthorized times, violation of safety distances, spraying near schools.

Agrotoxics in Proseccoshire, what risks?

The toxicity of pesticides is known. Active as endocrine disruptors, are related to the occurrence of neurological diseases and DNA alterations in the exposed population. Workers in the fields, and the surrounding community. The childreni, in particular.

The ‘

dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

‘, moreover, are growing in the Veneto. With marked prominence in the Treviso area. This is according to the report prepared by the Regional Epidemiological Service.

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