The threat of hard liquor abuse.


A culture of good drinking, at meals and in moderation, could be an antidote to binge-drinking, the inordinate and compulsive consumption of hard liquor that is undermining the health and future of the younger generation.

Health institutions in northern European countries and the United States, where alcohol addiction is most prevalent, are calling for measures to curb the phenomenon. This is the direction of predictions by authorities in the British city of Newcastle, which in mid-November 2013 announced new rules for commercial establishments that sell or serve alcohol. Assumptions include tightening costs for liquor licenses and setting limits on dedicated bottle display areas.

Classified as a manifestation of severe social distress, binge-drinking is the pursuit of stunting with large doses of alcohol consumed in a short time and outside meals. It characterizes the Saturday nights of an increasing amount of young and very young people. To whom, perhaps, it would be helpful to learn about the Italian culture of good drinking, in moderate doses during meals.