Visibility of label information, the case of imported energy bars


Visibility of label information, a concept that seems to have completely eluded some importers of energy bars aimed at athletes.

Regulation (EU) no. 1169/11 is crystal clear in this regard:

‘mandatory food information shall be affixed in a conspicuous place in such a way as to be easily visible, clearly legible and, where appropriate, indelible. They shall not in any way be hidden, obscured, restricted or separated from other written or graphic indications or other elements likely to interfere.’ (1)

Imported sports bars, however, often conceal the mandatory information within a ‘bugiardine.’ A folded leaflet secured over the package with clear tape.


Easily visible? You wouldn’t think so. The information seems rather artfully hidden, with a physical separation that moreover prevents even reading the news in the original English language.

The paradox is to note the free sale of such products in Italian pharmacies. These should be subject to far more rigorous health checks than those conducted in supermarkets or sporting goods stores, where the bars are also found.


Health authorities in Italy are therefore required to immediately order the immediate recall of such foods. (2) Without the need to wait for the fateful ‘sanctions decree‘. Given the inaccessibility of news essential to the safe consumption of the food. (3)

Dario Dongo



(1) Reg. EU 1169/11, Article 13.1

(2) See in-depth study, at

(3) Reg. EC 178/02, Article 14. Just think of the information about the presence of allergens.