Crackers with cricket flour, the missed Made in Italy


Triple the protein and half the fat, with a slight reduction in carbohydrates as well, compared to the average


commercially. It is the



, enriched with cricket flour. Sustainable innovation that forced three young Italians to migrate to London to overcome the regulatory and bureaucratic obstacles of the Bel Paese.

Three brains on the run

The Crické project was born five years ago from the intuition of Edward and Francis. A business consultant and a designer reflecting on the environmental cost of animal protein and decide to reason about the use of ‘land shrimp’ in food production. Noble and sustainable proteins that in a couple of years also find culinary expression thanks to the entry of Marco, an experienced chef and third partner. The company debuted in October 2018 with the release of five baked goods (3 crackers and 2 tortilla chips) and one flour.

The use of insects in food production is already allowed in several European countries such as Belgium, Finland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. On the other hand, it is not yet allowed in Italy, although it is an excellent opportunity to create value in primary agricultural production Made in Italy.

The reasons for cricket


– already a customary practice in various parts of the planet – is also beginning to meet with curiosity and interest among Italian consumers, as shown by the largest survey to date in Italy

. After all, the urgency of reducing the environmental cost of food production is an increasingly shared need among consumers. And there is another aspect that can make it easier for insects to enter the table, in the form of flours in baked goods and



Cricket meal offers 70 percent protein (compared with 23 percent for beef) and provides other micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Combined with vegetable seeds, extra virgin olive oil and semi-integral wheat flour, in the Crické, it is proposed as an ‘on-the-go’ organic superfood . Ideal appetizer breaker, aperitif joker, sportsman’s snack.

A super cracker

The entire Crické line – which has 5 references among crackers e tortilla, plus a cricket flour – is characterized by ‘clean labels‘. Few quality ingredients, no additives, balanced and distinctive nutritional profile. I

Cricket Crackers

with sunflower and chia seeds,

for example, contain only 7 ingredients: wheat flour, sunflower seeds (15%), cricket flour (12%), chia seeds (6%), extra virgin olive oil, poppy seeds, and salt.

The nutritional profile is interesting. 100 grams of crackers provide

– Just under 400 kCal,

– 12.3% fat, including 1.5% saturated,

– 50 g of carbohydrates, including 3.1 g of sugars,

– 3.3 grams of fiber,

– 22.3 g protein,

– 2 g salt (one aspect to be improved, with a drastic reduction),

– 1.7 mg of vitamin B12 (66 percent of the recommended daily allowance).

The sore point for now is the price, which is too high for those who do not enjoy UK salaries (48 €/kg). But who knows, between a Crické and a Cricket, that the economy of scale may not facilitate its ‘democratization’.

Marta Strinati

Professional journalist since January 1995, he has worked for newspapers (Il Messaggero, Paese Sera, La Stampa) and periodicals (NumeroUno, Il Salvagente). She is the author of journalistic surveys on food, she has published the book "Reading labels to know what we eat".