Nostrano Bio, the first 100% Italian organic sugar


Nostrano Bio-the first organic and 100% Italian beet sugar in compostable packaging-is finally landing on the shelf. Thanks to Italia Zuccheri, CoProB beet growers and Federbio.

The 100% Made in Italy organic sugar

Nostrano Bio is the raw beet sugar that marks the relaunch of the ‘Nostrano – the 100% Italian‘ line. Italia Zuccheri is looking higher and higher with the best expression of environmental sustainability that organic farming represents.

Organic beet cultivation is provided by members of the CoProB cooperative, established in 1962 in Minerbio (Bologna), Emilia-Romagna. Right here-and in 6 other regions (Veneto, Piedmont, Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Marche and Umbria)-the 5,000 member farms are reviving (or recovering) a traditional crop with an innovative project.

A trigger for other lands to convert to organic

Under the banner of short supply chain and traceability from field to table, already 140 farms are growing 1,600 hectares of organic beet. With the prospect of expanding the range as the process of converting new shares of the total 33,000 hectares under beet cultivation is completed.

In the process of converting to organic, ‘The goal is to reach 80 percent of the area within a few years with the help of precision farming. Although chard is a crop with a very low environmental impact-one hectare absorbs as much carbon dioxide as one hectare of forest-and is also essential for agricultural rotation with cereals‘, explains Claudio Gallerani, president of COPROB. (1)


(1) V. Luisanna Benfatto, 100% made in Italy sugar debuts on the market. The Sun24Ore

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