Origin Italy for baby-food, Plasmon-Mipaaft agreement


More Italian raw materials and new research to enhance the baby food produced in the Bel Paese. The dual goal is part of the agreement signed on 5/23/19 between infant and baby food giant Plasmon and the Ministry of Agriculture Food, Forestry and Tourism.

A mark of guaranteed origin

The protocol calls for Plasmon to create a trademark attesting to the Italian origin of all raw materials used in its baby-food lines, dedicated specifically to infants and children up to 3 years of age. This is a positive plus for the brand, given the appreciation of the Italian food supply chain around the world and the high quality that already characterizes Italian baby food. And a goal for Italian agriculture, which is always struggling with imported raw materials offered at more competitive prices.

For meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, fish, oil and other agri-food ingredients used in its products, Plasmon – a brand of Kraft Heinz Italia – is committed to veering decisively toward Made in Italy. The forecast is to increase in the next 5 years the supply of 100% Italian raw materials from the current 16 thousand to 25 thousand tons per year.

Innovation and sustainability

The Mipaaft, for its part, ensures further improvement of agribusiness quality by entrusting the Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics (CREA) with the task of relaunching research in the direction of protecting food safety and the sustainability of Italian production.

CREA will contribute to the research and development of innovative systems and solutions for precision agriculture, traceability including with blockchain technology, food safety, nutrition, and any other area necessary to ensure the safety of baby food,’ the ministry clarifies.

Combating childhood obesity, which in Italy today affects 18 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 10, with consequences for increased early risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic alterations, is another point of agreement. It will be implemented by promoting to families the adoption of the Mediterranean diet to feed the child in its first thousand days of life. A proper dietary pattern, which if properly set up can protect the very young from the unhealthy addiction to junk food, the primary cause of the epidemic of obesity and overweight in Italy.

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