PDO, Italy first in the world


Italy confirms leadership on PDOs and PGIs. Data from Ismea-Qualivita

Italy’s world lead in the number of PDO and PGI products is strengthened with 818 Geographical Indications registered at the European level. Production grows and exports increase. Grana Padano, Parmigiano reggiano, prosecco. Made-in-Italy food myths around the world are confirmed as unstoppable champions, says the XV Ismea-Qualivita Report On Italian PDO, PGI and TSG food and wine production (consolidated data 2016). An extremely valuable asset, which now accounts for 11 percent of the food industry and 22 percent of national agribusiness exports.

It’s just too bad that the Italian governments of recent years, instead of protecting our treasures, have legitimized their counterfeiting. In the agreements between the EU and Canada(CETA), as well as Japan. Under the complicit silence of the 264 Protection Consortia recognized by Mipaaf.

The numbers of certified Made in Italy.

According to official surveys, the certified Italian food and wine sector achieved a record result in both production – €14.8 billion in value – and exports, €8.4 billion. Domestic consumption also did well, driven by large-scale retail, which posted a 5.6 percent increase in sales for food and 1.8 percent for wines.

10 thousand checks in one year, by public authorities and protection consortia. To ensure the integrity of supply chains and certified products. And dismantle fraud before it can do damage to the reputation of protected names, thanks to the investigative work of the



The ranking of PDO and PGI foods.

Italian PDOs and PGIs are going strong, far better than the country’s economy. The Food sector is worth 6.6 billion euros in production and 13.6 billion euros in consumption with a growth of 3 percent over 2015. Sales in the large-scale retail trade (GDO) increased by 5.6 percent for the second consecutive year. And exports continue to grow (+4.4 percent). Operators engaged in certified production also increased by 5 percent compared to 2015, becoming 83,695.

The province making the largest contribution is Parma, with production worth 1.45 billion euros (+28 percent).

Top Ten of our PDOs.

In the ranking by production value, cheeses, meat products and balsamic vinegar excel among PDO and PGI foods. Here is the list of the top ten, showing the production value in millions.

1 – Grana Padano DOP (1,293)

2 – Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (1,123)

3 – Prosciutto di Parma PDO (816)

4 – Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI (381)

5 – Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP (372)

6 – Mortadella Bologna IGP (326)

7 – Gorgonzola DOP (316)

8 – Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO (293)

9 – Pecorino Romano DOP (251)

10 – Bresaola della Valtellina IGP (220)

Prosecco superstar

Highly appreciated abroad, with 5 billion in export value (out of a total of 5.6 billion in the sector), certified wine amounts to more than 3 billion bottles and is worth 8.2 billion euros in production, a growth of +7.8 percent.

In certified wine, it is prosecco that dominates the scene, as shown in the list of the top ten ranked by production value (values in parentheses are given in millions of euros).

1 – Prosecco PDO (629)

2 – Delle Venezie IGP (169) since 2017 renamed Trevenezie IGP.

3 – Conegliano Valdobbiadene – Prosecco DOP (161)

4 – Chianti Classico DOP (112)

5 – Asti PDO (103)

6 – Veneto PGI (101)

7 – Chianti DOP (87)

8 – Amarone della Valpolicella DOP (83)

9 – Terre Siciliane IGP (82)

10 – Alto Adige PDO (82)

The most productive areas for certified wines are the province of Verona with 392 million euros in economic return (of bulk wine), Treviso with 324 million euros and Siena with 250 million euros.