SANA 2021, organic is on stage in Bologna in September


After the stop dictated by the pandemic, SANA 2021, the International Organic Show, organized by BolognaFiere in collaboration with FederBio/Assobio and with ITA, Italian Trade Agency support for internationalization activities, returns in September.

The supply chain comes to the appointment strengthened, thanks to people’s awareness of eating healthy to counter the new virus. And it is being supported by new initiatives that will flywheel the next season of organic Made in Italy.

SANA 2021, positive trend for organic farming

The event, Sept. 9-12, 2021, at the Bologna Fairgrounds, will, as usual, be the time for dissemination of updated industry data from the 2021 Observatory. As of now, however, the extreme receptivity of the market to organic products is well known, accompanied by an equally marked international attention to organic Made in Italy.

The organic market in 2020 recorded a sales value of 4,358 mln euros in Italy, with a growth index of +142% in 2020 compared to 2010 (the year ended in August).

The beauty of organic Made in Italy

The value of organicexports also did well, standing at 2,619 mln euros with +149 percent growth in 2020 over 2010 and +3.5 percent over 2019.

In the 2020 ranking of top organic exporters, Italy is ranked second (after the United States). It precedes European competitors (Spain and France, in third and fifth positions, respectively) and China, fourth.

What’s new forexport

Meanwhile, the tools for promoting Italian organic products in foreign markets are expanding. In addition to the International Organic Fairs,export webinars and initiatives with ICE-ITA, there is now the agreement between BolognaFiere and, the world leader in B2B online trade, where more than 26 million buyers in 190 countries around the world trade daily.

In Asian markets, an additional springboard is the agreement between BolognaFiere and Phenix Exhibitions, organizer in Xiamen of the main event for organic food, the China International Organic Food Expo (CIOFE). And the agreement between Federbio and the China Organic Food Certification Centre (COFCC), the main certifier of organic, also owner of the CIOFE fair.

New events at SANA 2021

The format of the 33rd edition of SANA includes two new thematic areas:

Sana Tech, a showcase for producers of seeds, semi-finished products, raw materials, equipment, ingredients and technologies serving the organic sector,

Sana Tea, dedicated to increasingly popular teas and herbal teas.

The new features are in addition to the traditional areas:

– Food
, overview of the food supply chain, extended to new market trends, innovations and research,

– Care&Beauty
, for cosmetics, natural and organic body care products, supplements and medicinal herbs,

– Green Lifestyle
, for products suitable for an environmentally friendly, healthy and responsible lifestyle,

– Free From Hub
, dedicated to ‘free-from‘ and ‘rich-in‘ products, the subject of a very positive trend, as we have seen.

Expected initiatives

Also on the program is ‘La Via delle Erbe,’ the initiative organized in collaboration with the Italian Society of Applied Sciences for Medicinal Plants and Health Products (SISTE).

Finally, highly anticipated is the third edition of Organic Revolution. The event is a time for institutions, supply chain operators and industry experts to meet on the most relevant and topical issues. And it includes the presentation of the long-awaited SANA Observatory 2021, with the numbers of the organic supply chain, from production to market size.

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