Scenarios for sustainable and competitive Italian agro-livestock farming


Feed, animal welfare, management evolution. Innovations, prospects and opportunities in the agro-livestock sector are the subject of the seminar held in Bologna, Italy on 9/14/19. The‘Food 4 Animal Science‘ event is sponsored and organized by FIDSPA, Italian Federation of Doctors in Animal Production Sciences.

Challenges for Italian animal husbandry

The continuous evolution of Italian animal husbandry requires constant updating to promote the value and competitiveness of supply chains that are increasingly sustainable and respectful of animal welfare. The training event addresses this very need, offering a series of insights into pivotal issues.

The topics to which the seminar is devoted, to follow:

– Animal nutrition, use of alternative protein sources,

– Genetic improvement and new frontiers for business management,

animal welfare and certifications,

– cogent rules and voluntary commitments, from themandatory origin of meats at restaurants to the avoidance of GMO soybean use(#Buycott campaign). Speaker Lawyer Dario Dongo, Ph.D. in European food law and founder of GIFT, Great Italian Food Trade,

Italian animal husbandry 4.0,

– Sustainability of the livestock supply chain.

The busy schedule is given in the attached poster.

The event takes place at 8:45 a.m. at the Aula Magna of the Department of Agri-Food Science and Technology (DISTAL) in the Agrarian Sciences and Technology Complex of the University of Bologna, Viale G. Fanin 44-46.