A meta-analysis published in the BMJ


Increasing omega-3 intake can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by more than 14%. Yet another confirmation of the beneficial function of these essential fatty acids emerges from the meta-analysis conducted by researchers at China’s Zhejiang University and published in BMJ, the British Medical Journal.
The team led by Dr. Duo Li identified the dose-response: the incidence of breast cancer is reduced by 5 percent with a daily intake of 0.1 gram per day of marine omega-3. The meta-analysis screened 26 publications, selected from 11 articles on fish consumption, 17 on marine-derived omega-3 supplementation, and 12 on the role of alpha linoleic fatty acids, for a total body of data on 800 thousand participants and 20 thousand breast cancer cases. Of the three fields of investigation, the one related to omega-3 (Pufa) produced significant conclusions that were very useful in breast cancer prevention.

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