CETA, will the French revolution save Europe?


CETA, will the French revolution save Europe? The last stumbling block to cling to in order to avoid transatlantic disgrace might just be a decision of the transalpine republic’s Constitutional Court. In memory of the revolution that freed France from previous oppression back in 1789.

European politicians, as it turned out, did not hesitate to surrender their sovereignty in the name of neo-liberalism dictated by North America. With the supine acceptance, on 10/30/16, of a
Strategic Partnership Agreement
with Canada. Accompanied by an ‘all-inclusive’ agreement, CETA, quite similar to thecoveted TTIP. In the guilty inedia of the associations that are supposed to represent the agri-food chain in Europe, and have instead in turn betrayed Made in Italy, such as Made in France and various others.

The Italian government in turn gave the green light to ratify that agreement. Alleging only hypothetical economic benefits, completely devoid of essential impact assessments. The albeit belated opposition of Coldiretti, which intervened in support of Italian citizens who had already been outraged for some time, helped slow the Italian Parliament’s path to ratification.

Thus the Assembly of the Italian Senate, on 4.7.17, took note of the President’s communications on the work calendar. Which would provide, between 25 and 27.7.17, for the ratification of international agreements defined by the Foreign Affairs Committee. Specifically:

– Strategic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and its member states on the one hand, and Canada on the other hand, done in Brussels on 30.10.16,

– Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada on the one hand, and the European Union and its Member States, on the other hand, with Annexes, done at Brussels, 30.10.16. And related common interpretive tool.

However, Senator Loredana De Petris(Misto-SI-SEL Group) proposed to the House a topic, so to speak, that was not insignificant. More than one hundred representatives of the Paris Parliament, on 2/22/17, questioned the Conseil constitutionnel. Asking to verify the compatibility of the CETA agreement with fundamental rights crystallized in the French constitutional charter.

Particular concern was expressed about those parts of the transatlantic treaty that would, in fact, obstruct the application of European and transalpine standards to protect public health and the environment. With respect to goods and services offered by companies based in Canada. Which, under CETA, could challenge the legitimacy of provisions enacted in compliance with democratic rules.

Should the Paris Constitutional Court uphold CETA’s plea of unconstitutionality, the entire negotiation process would have to stop. (1) Therefore, it is worth suspending any hasty counting of votes in Palazzo Madama in this scorching summer.

Will the (French) revolution save Europe? On espère bien!

Dario Dongo and Bruno Nobile



(1) Three possible options would arise when this scenario occurs. The abandonment or re-negotiation of CETA, or the reform of the French Constitution. Discarded any suggestion of ‘tar and feathers’ between Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau


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