Coldiretti, AIA and the golden calf. Operation AIA 2, aka FEDANA.


The magic circle of Coldiretti, AIA and the golden calf. (1) The looting of the livestock system in Italy continues with Operation FEDANA, aka AIA 2.

Some Italian ranching groups are resisting a coup attempt aimed at usurping their treasures, including in the courts and in the public square. Pending investigation by the investigating judiciary. #CleanSpades.

FEDANA, the draft coup

After colonizing AIA (Italian Breeders Association), despoiling APAs (provincial associations) and transferring their powers to ARAs (regional associations), in May 2018 Coldiretti’s magic circle formed FEDANA, Federation of National Associations. With the specific purpose of circumventing EU Regulation 2016/1012 and Legislative Decree 52/2018, where they state:

– The central role of Breed Associations in the genetic improvement process,

– The need to open genetic improvement services to competition, (2)

– the duty to separate the data collection system (entrusted to the regional associations) from the genetic improvement services, historically managed by the ANAs (National Breeders’ Associations). (3)

The goal of the magic circle was clear, to conquer the ANAs before they-no longer subject to the control of the ARAs-can be managed by the 20,000 or so Italian breeders who register directly with them. Coordination of operations was entrusted to the Sistema Servizi Consortium and specifically to a team led by Enrico Leccisi.

Race associations, independence prescribed by law

‘For the purposes of this decree, a “First Degree Association” is defined as a national-level breeders’ association that directly associates breeders, without the associative relationship of intermediation of other Associations, with the exception of the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano in whose territory the Breeders’ Associations may also be joined by breeders’ cooperatives’ (d.lgs. 52/ 2018. Article 2, selecting bodies).

FEDANA, the assault on breed associations.

The assault on the ANAs (National Breeders’ Associations) is accomplished by forcing them to radically change their statutes. To prevent them from becoming first-degree associations (which breeders can join directly) and subject them instead to FEDANA.

The breed associations , in the design of Coldiretti’s magic circle, should be registered by statute with FEDANA-whose bylaws have not even passed the Prefecture’s scrutiny-and remain bound to it with almost indissoluble ties. FEDANA scrambles to communicate (falsely) to all ANAs that it has agreed with the Ministry on the reform to be pursued.

‘Capestro statutes’

At the end of 2018 , Coldiretti’s magic circle organizes with the Service System Consortium (CSS) the collection of powers of attorney and proxies from ARA presidents for their staff. Unscrupulous officials and accountants thus intervene on behalf of the ARAs at the assemblies of the ANAs (National Associations of Pedigree Breeders)-which European regulations require to be independent and directly controlled by breeders-to force the adoption of the ‘capestro statutes.’ Some breeders claim their rights, and the power group increases the pressure with Digos at the assemblies and police forces outside the venues during their proceedings.

Palazzo Rospigliosi thus submits most of the ANA to its absolute power. To the point of obtaining the unconditional surrender of ANAFIJ, ANACLI, ANABIC, ASSONAPA-with delegated authority to collect their membership dues in favor of FEDANA-and the less convinced submission of ANARE and ANAS. Other ANAs (ANAPRI, ANABORAPI) argue briskly but cannot escape the onslaught. While ANARB, ANABORAVA (National Association of Breeders of Valdostana Breed) and ANAGA (National Association of Breeders of Alpine Grey Cattle) are fighting back.

Purge and pillage

‘The dome’ – as it is called in the milieu – succeeds in overturning ANA organizations that have been entrenched for decades in a matter of hours, after forcing them to change their bylaws. From night to morning, the power group assigns social and control assignments to its men. It changes the keys of the locks and literally makes the selecting bodies their own, which, according to reg. EU 2016/1012, must instead be independent and controlled by farmers. Purge and pillage.

The delusion of omnipotence is also expressed in the imperious notices addressed to Prefectures that ‘dare’ not give the green light to charter changes. The prefectural green light is indeed prescribed for recognized ANAs, but some state organs still answer to the law rather than to the Coldiretti dome. Instead, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry is submissive, silent and consenting to the abomination of law and the looting of farmers’ treasures.

Antitrust and MiPAAF

, the National Association of Brown Breeders, questions the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM). And the Antitrust Authority responds with a note addressed to MiPAAF where it stresses the need for vigilance, so that AIA does not interfere in any way with the reorganization path of the selection bodies (see Annex).

, National Association of Friesian and Jersey Breed Breeders, in turn submits. The director-general in charge in MiPAAF finds that the statute-cap imposed by Palazzo Rospigliosi is inadmissible, but the department head disavows and bypasses it, turning directly to the lower-ranking official to settle the matter. The ANAFIJ bylaws are thus finally approved.

Civil lawsuits and riots

The magic circle tries to turn on the rebels. AIA’s counsel Prof. Saverio Ruperto collects warrants from some breeders loyal to the central command and brings civil court actions against ANABORAVA and ANARB. Boomerang effect. The judges rejected the plaintiffs’ claims and ordered them to pay legal fees, after pointing out the fairness of the selectmen who resisted the attempted assault.

In other cases , it is farmers who object to the way meetings are organized, where emissaries of central power make decisions on behalf of the many absent members with the support of loyalists and pre-filled proxies. Fiery meetings and street demonstrations, however, are not enough to prevent looting. Resistant breeders send numerous PECs of protest to AIA, MiPAAF and regions. And they report violations of current regulations to the Carabinieri.

Waiting for the Italian Anti-Mafia Directorate to take over the coordination of investigations to be conducted throughout Italy. #CleanSpades

Dario Dongo


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