Food waste, Italy’s new law


Turning food waste into solidarity. This is the spirit of Italian Law 166/16, in effect since September 2016, which simplifies surplus donation by removing regulatory and bureaucratic limits.

Among the new features introduced by the anti-waste law are the possibility of donating food beyond the Tmc (minimum shelf life) and non-food items (clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.), the inclusion of all voluntary associations, including kennels and catteries (and no longer just nonprofit organizations) in the target audience, and the elimination of most of the tax reporting requirements for the transfer. No obligation, as in French law, under penalty of up to imprisonment, but incentives and facilities.

The fight against waste already started with the previous Good Samaritan discipline (155/03) allows for the recovery of 500 thousand tons of food each year. However, a surplus of 5.6 million t remains, waiting to be valued.

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