France snaps up indication of origin of milk and meat present as ingredients in foods


France-Italy 1-0. Overseas, the text of a law is already ready that would require the origin of milk and meat used as ingredients in food to be reported on the label. Text already notified to the European Commission.

The news is spread by Dario Dongo, a lawyer and journalist who is an expert in food regulations and founder of
Great Italian Food Trade
and of
FARE – Food and Agriculture Requirements.
, who publishes an in-depth look at the issue and the original French government document.

Right at the beginning of March 2016, Coldiretti reiterated through its president Roberto Moncalvo “At a difficult time for the economy, we need to bring the added value of transparency to the market with mandatory food origin labeling, as called for by the 96.5% of Italians based on the online public consultation on agri-food product labeling conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture.”

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