Free grocery shopping for the disabled and elderly, activates in the tilt from Covid-19


The request to guarantee free home delivery of groceries for the disabled and elderly, made by Égalité with a petition that is still active, registers a second positive sign. After Carrefour Italia, Gioosto also takes action, with a timely and appropriate response. In the shameful silence of Conad, Supermarket 24, Esselunga, Easy Coop, Bennet, Amazon.

Gioosto, quality and solidarity

The platform immediately joined Égalité’s appeal, providing a registration system for the delivery service reserved for over-65s, people with disabilities over 60 percent, pregnant women and new parents within the first year of their child’s age.

Booking free home delivery is done after certifying one’s condition by uploading the necessary documents to the portal. Until 3.4.20, service recipients can receive one delivery per day.

The products available on are few but good. Pasta, tomatoes, oil, jams, preserves, tea, coffee, baked goods, household and personal cleaners come from organic and/or fair trade production. That is, sustainable for people and the environment, consistent with the vision of NeXt (New Economy for All), the association that created, among other things, the ecommerce platform.

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