From schools to beaches, brilliant GDO initiatives in Italy


From schools to beaches, two historic retail brands in Italy express concern for the common good. Esselunga is credited with an initiative of phenomenal effectiveness and social impact, ‘Friends of School. At VéGé that of responding to a topical need in common feeling, ‘Let’s clean the beaches.’

Esselunga, ‘Friends of School’ in its fifth year. 67 million euros already donated

The school is the area where Esselunga’s phenomenal intervention is focused. With the program‘Friends of School,’ launched in its fifth edition on 5.9.19. A true example of CSV (
Contributing to Social Values
), whose impact is comparable to a public intervention. In fact, in the first four editions Esselunga donated more than 67 million euros in educational and digital materials to more than 10 thousand Italian schools in northern Italy and Lazio.

In detail, Esselunga has already donated in the first four editions of the ‘Friends of School‘ program:

– 49 million to more than 5,900 schools in Lombardy,

– 8.6 million to about 1,500 schools in Tuscany,

– 5.5 million to more than 1,400 institutions in Piedmont,

– € 3 million to more than 1,100 schools in Emilia-Romagna,

– 506 thousand euros to more than 200 institutions in Veneto,

– 418 thousand to over 140 schools in Liguria.

– 176 thousand euros to about 120 educational institutions in Lazio.

In addition to technology equipment and school supplies, Esselunga’s project includes organizing‘Together to Understand. A series of meetings on topical issues for high school students.

‘Let’s clean up the beaches, VéGé Group with Legambiente

The VéGé Group-present throughout the country with more than 3,400 points of sale (supermarkets, hypermarkets, superettes, discount stores, specialty stores and cash & carry)-promotes the conservation of Italian beaches.

From Sept. 2 to Oct. 17, 2019, the‘Let’s Clean Up the Beaches‘ project, organized together with Legambiente, involves employees and customers (as well as the general population) in removing trash at 60 beaches.

The first stop is in Campania. Here, until Sept. 10, they are working on cleaning 16 beaches in the provinces of Naples, Caserta and Salerno. The initiative then extends to numerous locations in Italy, including Messina, Palermo, Bari, Sassari, Genoa, Venice and Ravenna. Last destination, on Oct. 17, Terracina, Lazio.

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