Glyphosate in Quaker-PepsiCo’s “natural” cereals. U.S. kicks off class action lawsuit


The echoes of the protests that accompanied the renewal of glyphosate’s authorization in Europe have not yet died down, and the herbicide suspected of carcinogenicity and a safe endocrine disruptor is back in the news. This time in the United States.

Triggering consumer ire is the discovery of glyphosate residues in “100 Percent Natural” oats from Quaker Oats, a PepsiCo brand. And immediate was the initiation of a class action lawsuit for false advertising.

While cereals proposed as “natural” but contaminated with the deadly herbicide certainly represent a case of a deceptive approach to consumers, the question remains as to the extent of the “100 percent natural” claim. “Still lacking unambiguous criteria for application, in America as in Europe,” explains Dario Dongo, founder of GIFT and FARE, in an article outlining the contours of the Quaker-PepsiCo case.

Editorial staff