Liberal Campaigns, the dark side of pro-palma lobbyists


Liberal campaigns are enough to uncover the dark side of pro-palma lobbyists. Those who use the eponymous site to sling mud at scientific data showing the public health hazard and utter unsustainability of shoddy tropical fat.

We have already revealed the open secret of the manga knights. The mask has fallen off. Those who have been operating ‘stalking‘ towards those who, like the writer, have been denouncing for years the abomination of palm for indigenous communities and workers, the environment and the health of consumers (1) – as well as to the detriment of the Italian operators who have responsibly decided to do without the
bloody palm oil
– other is but a handful of lobbyists serving palmocrats. But there is more.
The curriculum vitae of the owner of the Liberal Campaigns website, Pietro Paganini, is exemplary. The character boasts membership (2) in a U.S. Republican lobbying group, DCI Group. (3) Which includes clients and supporters of the likes of Big Pharma, (4) Big Tobacco, McDonald’s. As well as the Tea Party, the government of Azerbaijan and the military junta of Burma.

The Corporation

The movie ‘The Corporationcomes to mind , reading news about the work of DCI Group lobbyists for ExxonMobil. They have worked in the service of the oil companies to confuse American citizens with climate change denialist theories. To the point of mocking Nobel Environmental Prize winner Al Gore with a video-parody posted on YouTube.
The DCI Group offers its services to power groups that need ‘third party front groups’ (third party front groups) support. The dark knights of manga support their clients’ causes by presenting themselves as independent third parties to influence authorities and public opinion. Without revealing, it goes without saying, the names of their principals.
Good people, disinterested citizens? Maybe not. We trust public bodies such as the European Food Safety Authority, which has reported serious health hazards for children and adolescents related to the consumption of products containing palm oil. And of economic groups authentically close to consumAtors. Like Coop Italia , which was the first to react to the above alarm by adopting a strict‘palm oil-free‘ policy.
Dario Dongo
(1) Simply put, land grabbing, deforestation, saturated fat and palmitic acid intake, carcinogenic and genotoxic contaminants
(2) Paganini’s membership in DCI Group is highlighted at a public conference also attended by current Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. V.
(4) Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.