Medicinal, natural and beneficial plants


Scientific research shows that biological substances, thanks to the properties extracted from medicinal plants, can cover modern health needs, both in the wellness area and in therapy.
In the light of such knowledge, “it is no longer possible to speak of medicinal plants by meaning a single category of preparations having the same properties and functions, but it is necessary to think of a heterogeneous variety of substances that, singly or mixed, are capable of exerting different functions in the physiological, pharmacological, immunological and metabolic areas.”
This is said by Valentino Mercati, at the head of Assoerbe, who continues: “The properties of medicinal plants understood as stereotypes of a use that looks only to the past, linked to a definition of a drug that no longer has reason to be today, are seen as an entity of still difficult connotation and not as a modern, innovative and potentially unlimited resource.”
The lack of full knowledge “of what medicinal plants are, the many properties they provide and the immense resources they can represent in the future,” the president continues, “is clear from some opinions expressed even at recent conferences.