Organic market


Organic market, Europe champions growth

Unrestrained organic market. For 2014 in Europe, it recorded a further increase, marking +7.6 percent. Retail sales reached a total value of more than € 26 bn, of which € 23.9 bn was spent by European consumers to buy organic food.

According to data released by FiBL (Institute for Organic Research), the highest per capita consumption in the organic market in Europe is in Switzerland (€221), where the share devoted to the purchase of organic food (7.1 percent) is slightly lower than in Denmark (7.6 percent) and slightly higher than in Austria (6.5 percent).

Leading the organic market in Europe are Germany (€ 7.9 bn), France (4.8 bn), the UK (2.3 bn) and Italy (2.10 bn). And available surveys for 2015 show that in these large markets the trend is confirmed. Globally, the largest organic market is in the United States, where spending is € 27 bn, for an average consumption of € 85 per person).

Like the market, organic in Europe is also growing in terms of land under cultivation. The land dedicated to organic farming is 11.6 mln ha in Europe and 10.3 mln ha in the European Union. Areas equivalent to 2.4 percent and 5.7 percent of total agricultural land, respectively.