Palm oil-free, a boast for the industry


Palm oil free or palm oil free is a voluntary declaration by which the manufacturer of a food boasts the absence of the shoddy tropical fat among its ingredients. Declared harmful to health and the environment, the ingredient is widely used in packaged foods, particularly baked goods. But not by everyone.

With the claim “Palm Oil Free” as of May 2016, about 700 references have been remodeled in the recipe. Cookies, snacks, boxed breads, cakes, ready-to-eat meals. A variety that continues to grow, registering change without return. In the aftermath of the warning issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Coop – the leading large retail chain in Italy – Has decided to eliminate palm oil from its 220 private-label foods, which follow the fate already established by the retailer for the organic line and the range dedicated to early childhood.

Guiding the producers of the rest are the choices of consumers, or rather consumAtors, made aware by courageous information campaigns and petitions, such as the one devised by GIFT – Great Italian Food Trade, strictly palm oil free, since in Italian culture fats are typically extra virgin oil (EVOO), sunflower and canola, or butter. Palm oil-free.

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