The lesson of ‘La reconciliación con el consumidor’


The revolution, in business-consumer relations, has already happened. But few senior executives and entrepreneurs, in the ‘food&drink’ sector, have noticed this. They insist on one-sided, old-fashioned communication, ignoring the Web and social networks. They would therefore do well to study and put into practice the teachings of Julio Wallovits and Pau Virgili, authors of ‘La reconciliación con el consumidor’ (Ediciones Urano, Barcelona,

Reconciliation with consumers means getting on their side, indeed on our side, since all of us-removing the uniforms of respective jobs-are in fact consumer-actors. We need truthful news about the values that drive the enterprise, commitment to quality of working conditions in step with that of products, respect for the environment, and favorable impact on local communities. 
In a word, sustainability.

Other way not seems to be given, in the current and future markets. Read to believe, ‘case-studies’ are not lacking and even include the experiences of two food giants such as Danone and Coca-Cola, among others.
A ‘must-read-and-implement’, this gospel of marketing in the third millennium.

Dario Dongo, founder of GIFT