Typical products from Norcia, a solidarity purchase


Typical products of Norcia, a support after the earthquake

Buying typical Norcia products is one way to support the victims of the earthquake that struck central Italy. Here is a list of small, family-owned businesses in Norcia and Amatrice that also sell online.

The Gricia box office – www.ilbotteghinodellagricia.it – tel. (039) 393 446 0526

Casale De Li Tappi Butcher Shop – Norcia cold cuts and products from Umbria – www.norcineriadinorcia.it

Felici pork butchery – Products from Norcia, Cascia and Umbria – www.norcineriafelici.it

Norcia dairy store – Norcia cheese, legumes and honey – tel. (039) 3331091291

Norcineria Ulivucci – Legumes, pasta, oil and wine – www.norcineriaulivucci.it

Vetusta Nursia Chocolateria – www.norciaciok.it

Typical products from Gaffi – Legumes, cheese and other products from Cascia and Umbria – www.prodottitipicigaffi.it

The Norcino of Campi di Nor cia- Artisan cured meats from Norcia – www.ilnorcino.net

Norcineria F.lli Ansuini – Salumi di Norcia – www.ansuininorcia.com

Lanzi – Cheese and cold cuts – www.lanzisrl.it

Azienda Agricola Persiani Roberto – Legumes, potatoes and saffron from Cascia – www.zafferanoitalia.it

Valle del Sole – Castelluccio Farm – tel. (039) 3393724609 – 3318149622

Moscatelli truffles Norcia – Cheese and truffles – www.moscatellitartufi.com

Norcineria Coccia – Salumi di Norcia – tel. (039) 3337429996

Prosciutteria del Corso – Salumi di Norcia – tel. (039) 3939772180

Azienda agricola Sibilla di Foglietti Enrico – Jams compotes sweet juices and syrups – info@sibilladinorcia.com – tel. (039) 3471761488

Honey the Massaro of Norcia and Castelluccio – Honey, jams and derived products – www.ilmassaro.it

Norcia Food Online – Norcia delicatessen, cured meats and cheeses – www.norciafood.it

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