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Urban beekeeping, urban beekeeping . An activity within everyone’s reach, as shown by an eponymous ecommerce initiative developed in Milan.

Urban beekeeping, where and why

Urbanbeekeeping has spread to several metropolises around the planet over the past two decades. London and Berlin count apiaries in the thousands, followed by Paris Hamburg and Copenhagen. From one side of the planet to the other, New York City and Tokyo, Johannesburg and Toronto.

The origin of the phenomenon is attributed to the escape of bee swarms from pesticide-infested agricultural areas. The which-as the European Food Safety Authority recently confirmed. – represent a cause of bee population extinction.

Urban beekeeping arose as a quirky hobby , on the rooftops of buildings and skyscrapers. It has since spread to the point of gaining its own space in guerrilla gardening and urban garden movements. City environments moreover, as unusual as it may appear, have appreciable indices of biodiversity.

Apicolturaurbana, the Milanese startup.

The project


was born in Milan, Italy, in March 2017. Thanks to a meeting between Mauro Veca, an urban beekeeper from Milan, and Giuseppe Manno, an ecommerce professional with a passion for beekeeping.

The idea is to bring the Italian population ‘closer tothe wonderful world of bees‘ with the most current tools. Kits for sale online, in addition to providing the necessary equipment, in fact provide access to an e-learning system.

On the restricted area of the site, customers can view dozens of continuously updated video guides. As well as refer to an interactive map, to find out where to buy bees, and rely on the support of a special forum. 0-mileage honey for all.

Urban beekeeping, a CSR tool aimed at businesses

Apicolturaurbana’s B2B service is then aimed at companies in any sector that decide to target honey bees at least part of their investments dedicated to CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility).

One can contribute to socially shared values (1)-such as environmental protection and biodiversity-by entrusting the Milan-based startup with the management of bees on the roofs of their facilities or offices.

With the prospect, among other things, of being able to share with stakeholders-employees, business partners, local communities, charitable entities-the sweet fruit of their efforts. Once again, 0-mile honey for everyone!

Dario Dongo


(1) According to the CSV paradigm (

Contributing to Social Values


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