Zero-mile foods


What benefits to the local area by buying zero-mile food. It is discussed in Pordenone

The sustainability of food consumption also comes through the choice of products made at zero km, that is, at the shortest distance from the places of consumption. The benefits and pitfalls of such an opportunity are the central themes of the conference ‘Food, Land and Economy. Why choose ZERO KM?’, organized in Pordenone by U.Di.Con. (Consumers’ Defense Union), Friuli Venezia Giulia section.

The program

Francesco Marangon

, professor or

dinary of the Department of Economic Sciences and Statistics at the University of Udine and president of the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA), delves into the issue of ‘Sustainability of the short supply chain between production and consumption.

Dario Dongo

, lawyer, journalist and PhD in European food law, founder of

GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade), speaks on the topic‘Food labels and supply chain integrity‘.

Julia Torre


food law scholar, tackles the thorny topic‘Deceptive labeling: cases and issues‘.

Paul Bergamasco


Executive Chef, offers ‘KM0 Cooking Chats.

Local products on display

An exhibition of zero-mile products conference follows. Numerous companies are participating, in the list below.

Bessega Annalisa Company

– Farm products (compotes, sauces, olive oil),

CHC Principles Attvi Farm Da Pieve

– Industrial hemp for food use,


– FVG Potato Producers,

Alessandro Del Rizzo Company

– Wine producer,

Soc. Agricola Giordani Guido e Angelo S.S.

– Mountain dairy products (Dairy of Fontanafredda),

Ancient Grains Cooperative FVG

– Ancient grain production,

Soc. Agricola La Felicina S.S. di Casagrande Marco e Gabriella

– Snail farm products,

Molmenti & Celiot

– Wine producer,

Perin Filippo Fico Moro company of Caneva

– Fico Moro Consortium;

Zaghet Riccardo Firm.

– Goat’s milk.

Appointment on Saturday, October 13

2018, 4 p.m., in the Council Chamber of the former Pordenone Province building, largo San Giorgio.

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