Acesulfame K and diet, memory damage


Acesulfame K and diet, a dangerous combination for cognitive function. This is according to research from Japan’s Meijo University, which found that consumption of acesulfame k combined with a hypoglucidic diet even impairs memory.

The authors of the study

published in

Physiology & Behavior

– administered the sweetener acesulfame k to guinea pigs fed a reduced-carbohydrate diet for 4 weeks. At the end of the period, they subjected the rats to behavioral tests for one week.

Observation showed that the guinea pigs suffered reduced cognitive memory, with difficulties in orientation and object recognition.

After behavioral testing, the mice were sacrificed and analyzed. It emerged that glucose levels in the frontal cortex were significantly decreased, compared with guinea pigs subjected to the low-calorie diet alone, although plasma glucose levels were similar.

People prefer to consume zero-calorie or low-calorie beverages and foods with artificial sweeteners, although it has recently been suggested that long-term use of artificial sweeteners affects physiological functions” the researchers write. “These results suggest that the combination of long-term intake of AceK (acesulfame k, ed.) and LC diet (hypocaloric, ed.) Affects cognitive function through the reduction of cortical glucose levels“.

Marta Strinati

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