Beekeeping and biodiversity, master’s degree at the University of Teramo


The University of Teramo is organizing the master’s program ‘Beekeeping: health and environmental management,’ with registration open until Dec. 20.21. The training course is reserved for graduate students (including undergraduates).

Master’s degree in beekeeping

The master’s program provides the theoretical knowledge and the professionalizing and practical experience of the beekeeping world to graduates in various disciplines.

In Biosciences and Agribusiness and Environmental Technologies, faculty hosting the event, as well as in Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Agriculture, Animal Protection and Welfare, etc.


The goal of the master’s program is to facilitate, standardize and enrich the education of graduates, whether they work in the public or private sector or are self-employed.

Upon completion of the training, participants will have the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to approach apiary control and management, public and animal health aspects, regulatory permitted treatments, and the use of the honeybee as an environmental and biodiversity bioindicator.

A crucial sector

Beekeeping is characterized by increasing farm development and new forms of beekeeping and production, which are reflected in increased trade between Italy and other countries.

Part of the master’s program is also devoted to knowledge about recent uses of the honeybee in environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment programs.


Teaching activities take place from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, one week per month (36/40 hours per week) at the University of Teramo and will begin in January 2022.

Given the health emergency from Covid-19, the coordinator of the master’s program, Prof. Michele Amorena, reserves the possibility of activating the lectures in telematic mode for the part that is not exclusively practical.

Outdoor activities and internships

In the spring months, consistent with weather conditions, hands-on activities are planned with the conduct of alternative-stage teaching.

Training/internships are also planned for direct experience in the professional field, free of charge, according to availability with the contracted entities: the Scientific Veterinary Society for Beekeeping (SVETAP) and the Abruzzo Beekeepers Association (ASSAPIRA).

How to participate

Participation is limited to 40 students and costs 800 euros, payable in two installments. On the other hand, the participation of people with disabilities of 66% or more is free of charge.

All information about the master’s program can be found on the university’s dedicated web page at this link.