Palm oil in milk powder: sign the petition


Off with palmoil in infant formula. Il Fatto Alimentare and Great Italian Food Trade are launching a petition on to urge Mellin, Nutricia, Ordesa, Hipp, Humana, Milte, Nestlé, Unifarm, Sterilfarma, Nipiol, Menarini, Alter Laboratories, Plasmon (which has changed only two milks) and Holle to change formulas.

The first reason for the claim is that palm oil can carry carcinogenic contaminants produced during refining into infant formula, as reported on May 3, 2016 by Efsa. It should also not be forgotten thatcheap tropical fat is the cause of land grabbing and rampant deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Companies that use palm oil in powdered milk claim that it is useful in achieving a composition that meets the nutritional needs of infants and to ensure greater stability. But the weakness of these arguments is demonstrated by the choice of brands such as Coop, Sicura and Dicofarm, which have been adopting other fats for years without penalizing food quality.

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